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Ta-da! I have saved 5,000 items in Etsy!

Should I become fabulously wealthy courtesy of a lottery win or something like that, I will be prepared to shop! So. Many. Lovely. Things. Seriously, it is good to be ready for all contingencies. I am the material girl!!!

I have been favoriting lovely items in Etsy all evening long while simultaneously watching the World Series! Go Cleveland! Bottom of the ninth inning, tied 6-6. I am rooting for the Indians. Emma has been snoring in her crate next to me. 

Earlier today, Emma and I took a stroll around the island. It was a beautiful day. There is still a bit of foliage to be seen. 

We are supposed to get some more rain tomorrow, so more leaves will come down. I took this photo a couple weeks ago at the height of foliage and forgot to post it:

Lovely, no?

Yours, Merryweather