Hello dear readers! I would like to share a change I made here at home today. This change involved simply looking around in the basement for a bit. I put a table covering on our eight foot long dining room table! Ta-da!

Look at that handiwork! The covering is a thick cotton crocheted bedspread!?! I bought this beauty at the Chesapeake Marketplace auction in St. Leonard, MD in May of last year. Here is the original post. I spent $8 on this spread and some other linens. Then I squirreled it away. Luckily, it made the cut when we were downsizing in anticipation of our relocation to Great Diamond Island, ME! 

The spread isn’t quite long enough to cover the entire table, but I rather like how the scalloped edge is highlighted on the tabletop because of the shortness of the piece. The new table covering really warms the space up! 

Yours, Merryweather