Emma, our beautiful yellow lab, and I hit the Maine mainland today. It was time to restock on provisions and run some errands. We visited Whole Foods, Walgreen’s, Trader Joe’s and Planet Dog for groceries, supplies, and whatnot. 

Then we headed to South Portland to the Goodwill for a look around. I found two tops. Each on sale for $2.50 each. One solid black cowl neck. 

One long sleeved striped polo tee.

Both great for now when the weather is mild, and layered up once the weather gets colder. 

I also found a smart glass butter dish for $3. 

And a lovely white Starbucks mug for $1. 

These are gifts for a friend. 

After the Goodwill spree, I stopped at TJ Maxx. I came up empty handed! One final stop: the GH Bass Outlet Store

I love the GH Bass store! They have great sales and I like the aesthetic of the shoes, clothing, and accessories there. GH Bass is a Maine business, founded in 1876. What is not to like? So I have been in the market for a reasonably small black cross body bag. This beauty was marked down to $14.99 from the original $75! Check out that sassy tassel!

It gets better! The clearance merchandise was half off today! Just $7.49 baby! Woot-woot! 

I had a ten dollar off rewards certificate to spend, but I needed to spend a minimum of $10 to redeem it. Thinking fast, I grabbed another purse that was originally $75 and was also marked down to $14.99, but rang up at $7.49 too! I am golden!

The beauty of this tote bag is that it is reversible! Like getting two bags in one! Plus it has a detachable pouch! The bag reverses to the camel color of the pouch. 

So after tax and the rewards certificate were applied, I paid a total of $5.70 for two brand new handbags, which retailed originally for $150!!! I saved $144.30!!! I bought each of these beautiful purses for $2.85!  That is less than thrift store pricing!

I do enjoy it when the retail gods smile down on me!!!

Yours, Merryweather