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I don’t know what to say…except I went thrifting, again! Emma and I took the 845 ferry to Portland and ran errands today. I bought provisions at Whole Foods, along with a white Cinderella pumpkin and some purple mums for the door! Fall decorations! I feel so festive!

However, no trip to the mainland is complete without a stop at a thrift store somewhere! We went back to the Goodwill in Falmouth. I found a pair of LL Bean hiking boots, $15:

No excuses not to hike now. A shirt with a lobstah for $5:

I love lobstah! A grey turtleneck, also $5:

And, finally, a long silk and cashmere black knit skirt with a big slit up the side; oh, so sexy and luxurious, for $5:

I will give you my word that I will not wear all the things together at once in a single outfit! I might layer the turtleneck and lobstah shirt on a cold day; but the hiking boots and the skirt…a big fashion faux pas! I am pleased that what I picked out correlates to the overall blue and grey color scheme I have going on for Fall 2016. Always the clever thrift store shopper!

Yours, Merryweather