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Today was grocery day! A couple weeks ago I went to the grocery store for the first time since moving to Maine in July. Darling daughter had been handling the task for me before she went back to school in August. We live on an island and have to travel to the mainland for food and supplies. Everything is an adventure and somewhat of a production when you live on an island! However, my neighbor, Jennifer, filled me in on the grocery shopping scoop last week. 

Of course, it was raining this morning which required rain gear. I took Emma, our yellow Labrador, with me for the trip. We almost missed the ferry. I can never remember the ferry is at 825 in the morning. I always think it is 845. We leave a bit early thankfully, but you can imagine my dismay when I round the corner and see the ferry at the end of the dock. Few things in life will get me to run, or at least, power walk. The ferry at the end of the dock is one of these things. 

Emma and I make it to Portland, disembark from the ferry, and walk a half mile, uphill, to the parking lot where we keep the car. The Whole Foods is just three blocks beyond the parking lot. I certainly could just keep walking, but I need the car for Emma. With dirty, wet paws, she jumps in the backseat, her moveable kennel while I run errands. 

So the dealio at Whole Foods in Portland is that if you complete your shopping before noon, you can tell the cashier that your order is “provisions” and they will pack it all up, including ice packs as necessary, and deliver it to the Casco Bay Lines (CBL) ferry, free of charge to be shipped to the island! 

I have an account at CBL which is then charged for the grocery delivery to the island once Whole Foods delivers my goodies. Apparently, you can even email your grocery list to the kind folks at Whole Foods and they will even do your shopping for you! 

So the cashier rings up your order, you pay, and then you walk away empty handed! This is great! It saves the hassle of toting the groceries on the ferry or having to bring your own freezer bags and dropping the groceries at CBL yourself. Super convenient. Especially with a dog in tow. 

Once the ferry arrives at the island, the Diamond Cove Resident Assistants deliver the groceries to your door! Sweet! I only have to unpack and stow the groceries once I get home. This is brilliant! Brilliant, I say. 

The moral of the story: it takes a village to deliver my groceries.

Three banana boxes of delivered groceries!!!

Yours, Merryweather