Recently I have begun using Thredup, the online secondhand, brand-name clothing selling and shopping service. Darling daughter got me started. Last semester at school she ordered a Clean Out Kit from Thredup to pare her extensive thrift store wardrobe down to a more manageable level. She mailed the kit in and got credit to either (1) cash out or (2) to spend at Thredup. Darling daughter opted for no. 2 and did a bit of online thrift shopping getting some lovely, preloved items from the thousands and thousands of brand name clothing items available on Thredup’s website. Easy peasy. 

For those of you who have been following this blog for some time, you know I am a thrift store maven. I have thrifted for years. I love to thrift! I thrifted both my own and darling daughter’s wardrobe for pennies on the dollar. It is funny to me that darling daughter was able to recycle her already recycled clothing! She earned handsome credit for pieces that I had paid $0.50 or $1 for! The girl is a genius. 

A Thredup Clean Out Kit is a large shipping bag with aqua polka dots and prepaid postage attached (shipping is free!). The bag holds a laundry basket’s worth of clothing, accessories, and shoes. During our recent relocation, we both purged out closets. We ordered several bags from Thredup, sending in the nice stuff while lightening the load to be hauled to Maine. 

I won’t lie about this part. It takes some time for the folks at Thredup to receive and process the Clean Out Kits. The first batch I sent in took about a month before I saw the credit in my Thredup account. I don’t mind the wait. I would have ended up donating the stuff otherwise. 

I sent a kit in last week and just received an email alerting me that it won’t be processed until the end of the month. Again, not a big deal for me. Thredup does a good job communicating via email with status. I appreciate that. 

I am not completely sure of the formula used by Thredup to calculate the credit. In my case, the $50+ I received was generous, especially considering what I sent in had been thrifted and I typically pay $1 or so for an item of clothing. 

In a nutshell, that is how you “sell” to Thredup. Now to the “buy” side. Go to the Thredup website and have at it!!! They have a nifty app, too, which I use religiously. Both the website and the app allow you to narrow the selections by size, brand, color, cost, etc to make shopping easier. 

Act quickly when you see something you like by adding the item to your shopping cart! The other day, I saw an Eddie Bauer long, fur trimmed puffer coat in my extra lovely size for $16.99!!! Before I could hit my shopping cart button someone else had scooped it up! Darn the bad luck. That coat would have been perfect for the ferry in the winter here in Maine. The hunt continues. 

Of course, you can shop even if you don’t have Thredup credit, as they accept PayPal and credit cards. As a bonus, I received a 40% discount on the first order I placed! Woo-hoo! The code I used was SUMMER. I ordered an extra lovely sized shirt (new with tags), a Charming  Charlie’s scarf, and a pair of Patagonia flats for $29.97, including a flat $5.99 shipping fee. Orders over $79 get free shipping! I should have my loot in a few days. I will take photos and let you know what I think of the merchandise. That post will be Part Two of my review.  

Now that darling daughter and I have relocated to an island in the middle of Casco Bay off Portland, Maine, my thrifting opportunities are somewhat limited. Thredup offers me the ability to thrift shop for brand name clothing online from the comfort of the couch! Seriously, folks, what is not to love!?!

Yours, Merryweather