Hello dear readers! Significant progress has been made getting unpacked! Darling daughter and I have about a dozen moving boxes left to unpack out of a total of eighty-eight! We are getting close to the finish line and it feels great!

On Friday afternoon my brother, Dan, his black Labrador, Etta, and my mom and dad are coming up for their very first sleepover!!! It is very exciting to have them stay over with us in our new home. Their visit has given us a target to shoot for in terms of getting fully unpacked and set up. We will be ready for them! 

In the meantime, please enjoy these photos taken this morning at the Diamond Cove General Store:

And this photo of our yellow Labrador, Emma, making friends on the ferry:

This little girl was precious. I love making “ferry friends”. We are taking Emma for a vet check up this afternoon. Stay tuned for more updates on the unpacking!

Yours, Merryweather