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Yesterday Eric, Nate, and Reggie from Bekins delivered eighty-eight (88!) boxes, as many pieces of furniture, and some miscellany to our new townhome in Diamond Cove on Great Diamond Island, Maine! These three guys loaded the truck in Maryland last week. They did an excellent job. 

Over the weekend the Bekin guys drove the fully loaded twenty five foot truck some 600 miles to Portland. About noon, the truck boarded a barge for the two-mile trip through Casco Bay to reach us on the island. Darling daughter met the truck in our golf cart to lead the crew to our townhouse. 

The crew’s skill moving our belongings was evident. Within three hours, Eric (the crew chief), Nate, and Reggie had all our belongings on one of the three levels of the townhouse, beds reassembled, and boxes neatly stacked. Darling daughter and I are now officially up to our eyeballs in boxes! 

Emma, our newly adopted yellow Labrador, spent part of the afternoon being the “store dog” of the day at the General Store at Diamond Cove, courtesy of Amy who runs the store and was also our real estate agent. Amy graciously agreed to host Emma. 

In the middle of the afternoon, however, Emma decided it was time to come home. She got her leash off the hook and set out for home! Amy, realizing Emma had gotten loose, followed her to see where she would go. Emma came straight home! 

Amy offered to take our clever dog back to the store until the guys were complete, but Emma went straight to her crate (she loves her crate!). She is such a good dog! Less than ten days on the island, and Emma knows where she lives! 

Darling daughter and I said our goodbyes to Eric, Nate, and Reggie and got right to opening boxes. We started upstairs making beds so we wouldn’t have to spend another night sleeping on sofas. Her bedroom, being tiny, is nearly completely set up, down to the color coordination of her wardrobe hanging in the closet. Darling daughter had done a great job anticipating the size of her room (tiny!) and purged accordingly, making set up a proverbial breeze for her. My stuff is not so easy, but I will get there. 

I am not going to post photos of our new home until we are set up. Going to focus on getting unpacked! Stay tuned!!!

Yours, Merryweather