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I arrived on Great Diamond Island yesterday afternoon! 

With a carful of random stuff the movers couldn’t pack for me. In Portland, I went to Casco Bay Lines and unloaded the car contents onto to two carts. For $30, CBL transported the stuff to the island. I took the 115pm ferry. 

Darling daughter and Emma were waiting on the dock for me!

After a short time, the Resident Assistants delivered the random stuff from the car to our house. 

It is supposed to be hot this weekend; luckily I brought our vintage electric fan collection in the car as we don’t have air conditioning in the house in Maine. Luckily! This is the view from the living room window:

This morning we rode the 0630 ferry back to Portland with Emma.  

We headed back to my parents’ house in Massachusetts this morning to drop off Greta Jetta. Parking in Portland is expensive! As we can get by with just one car in Portland, my parents’ have graciously agreed to host Greta Jetta for the time being. Actually, we are likely to sell Greta Jetta as darling daughter can’t have her on campus as an undergrad and parking is so expensive in Portland!

My mom is making us lunch. Then we need to head back to Maine, trying to beat the Friday afternoon beach traffic. Etta is here with Dan. She and Emma are chilling together. I hope to write another post later today. Stay tuned!

Yours, Merryweather