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Darling daughter, my brother, Dan, his better half, Nancy, and their Black Lab, Etta, picked up our new dog, Emma, yesterday!!! Emma just celebrated her third birthday at the beginning of the month. She and Etta hit the beach when they got to the island yesterday. Here she is on Great Diamond Island getting her first on-island bath courtesy of Dan!

She is such a sweetheart! So I am told…I haven’t met her yet. I am still in Maryland waiting for movers to come tomorrow to pack us up. Rats! But I will be there soon!

Here Emma is in Dan’s truck on the way to the island yesterday:

Having Etta around is helping Emma with her transition because she is a breeder’s dog, used to being kenneled with fifteen (15!) other dogs! 

Emma is the star at our house! She is clearly not used to all the attention and paparazzi and autograph seekers. She will undoubtedly adapt to full time human love and attention in short order! 

She is so beautiful! I want to kiss her! I have been busy handing out PINK cigars for our beautiful new yellow dog, Emma!

Yours, Merryweather