Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Just thirty days until the moving company comes to relocate our beautiful selves to Great Diamond Island, Maine! I am officially pooped. It was a busy week in our storage units, opening boxes, deciding what to keep and what to 86, and repacking things.

Under darling daughter’s command (I am definitely the subordinate in this process), we have made considerable progress in unloading possessions in both storage units and at the house, too. I think it is the deciding what to keep has me worn out. So many decisions! It is nice to have so much great loot to choose from, but overwhelming too.

Here is the large unit as of noon time today when Pete left with a trailer full of our former possessions.

This time last week, you could not see the back wall of this unit. Progress! We talked over the timeline with Pete. He will be back on Thursday for what will hopefully be the final load. That will be a huge relief to have purged the ten by twenty storage unit. Huge relief!

Meanwhile, we have been stockpiling possessions in the ten by ten unit. This is what, in addition to the things at home, we are taking to Maine.

I have to say that some of what is in this smaller unit may not make the trip either. For instance, the pile of cushions on the right hand side are subject to reevaluation. The yellow cushions belong to some wire chairs I might bring along. But I am thinking of getting rid of them. I can’t decide! So many decisions!

Nonetheless, the time to decide is upon us. One month to go!!!

Yours, Merryweather