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Darling daughter and I are tackling our two storage units this week. One is ten feet by ten feet and the other is ten by twenty feet. The units are filled with furniture, taxidermy, art supplies, paraphernalia, dishes, suitcases, trunks, tchotchkes, and books. Interestingly, there are no clothes in the units. Those are all at our home. 

These belongings were put in storage several years ago when I first listed the house for sale in the interest of presenting a decluttered, inviting home and at the advice of the real estate agent. 

Now, with thirty five days until we relocate to Great Diamond Island, Maine, is the time to sort through these caverns of excess to decide what to bring and what to jettison. We started Monday morning at six opening boxes and bins. We finished peering into the boxes and bins at ten this morning. We sorted items into several categories; keep, give to a specific person, donate, or throw away. 

We have lightened our load by gifting belongings to friends. Jane and Barbara came to the storage facility on Monday and bore the brunt of our gifting! Thank you ladies for participating in our rehoming program for wayward possessions! Today we gifted Carol a large box of jewelry boxes filled with jewelry. 

We gifted Nicky with two large trunks, empty, much to our chagrin. 

Pete, God Bless him, is on ready-standby to scoop up everything else we are not able to adopt out. 

For the most part, I have been doing a good job getting rid of the excess. I open a box, have a look around, and then decide since I lived without the items for several years that I can probably get by permanently without them. Out of sight, out of mind.

However, there are some items that are hard to part with. In these cases, darling daughter adopts a firm tone and asks me specific questions regarding the item like “what do you plan on doing with it?”, “where are you going to keep it?”, or “how often are you going to use it?”.  Real thought provoking questions. She is usually spot on with her line of questioning. I really don’t need all this stuff!

It is Wednesday afternoon. The large unit is now filled exclusively with items to be rehomed. Whew. 

The small unit contains items which will more than likely come with us to Maine (in addition to our belongings at home).

I say “more than likely” because darling daughter is promising a second round of extensive questioning as to the necessity of each of the items currently in the small storage unit! She is one tough cookie!

Stay tuned, the battle with stuff continues…

Yours, Merryweather