It was a rough day on the resale front today. Darling daughter and I got out of bed in the dark to set up for our epic moving sale this morning. We hauled our extensive collection of preloved merchandise outside. Set it up. Put signs up around the neighborhood. Drank our coffee. Waited for customers…

And waited…

And waited…

It was a beautiful day. In the morning, the front yard is in the shade. The birds were singing. There was a nice breeze…just no customers. 

Finally (!) some customers came. We sold a few items. But sales were not brisk, by any stretch of the imagination. After a bit, Jane came by with her friend, Regina, who was our biggest shopper of the day. She bought a rug and a whole bunch of books. Dr. Seuss and Kurt Vonnegut. Good reading. 

The day grew warm. We grew weary. Darling daughter left to go to the pool with her friends for a bit. I womanned the fort. Slow sales. Over the years we have held any number of successful yard sales here at the homefront. Today just was not our day. 

I called my friend, Pete, who is an antiques dealer. I heard him explain to someone the other day that he is actually a “reassigner”. He gets stuff, antique or otherwise, from one person who no longer wants it and then reassigns it to someone else who does. I had never heard it put that way before. 

In any case, I got Pete on the horn. He is going to come over tomorrow with his trailer to buy the merchandise leftover from today’s moving sale. Yay! 

Darling daughter came back and helped me haul all the remaining merchandise in the house as there is a possibility of rain tonight. Let me tell you it is disenheartening to have to bring things back into the house after an unsuccessful moving sale. The empty space in the house looked amazing for the short time it was empty. It actually looks worse now than it did before we started. I comfort myself with the fact that Pete, the reassigner, will be here in the morning. 

Yours, Merryweather