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I am on a roll! Like a cheeseburger!

Today I visited the Civitan Flea Market in Arlington, VA and all I got was this brand new dish towel:

For $1. I love chocolate. This was my last hurrah at the Civitan Flea Market because darling daughter and I move to Great Diamond Island, Maine in forty-six days!!! The flea market was fun, and I managed to show a great deal of restraint with my purchasing.

So how can I be on a roll you may ask if I only bought a dish towel at the flea market? Well, because on the way home, we made a stop at Gypsy Faire in Lothian, MD and I scored big time! Ta-da!

On my list of furnishing must-haves for the new place was an eight-foot long farmer’s table. The new dining room simply needs a big, long table. My current table would be lost in space there. I really wanted something rustic and “distressed” to go with the over the top Draped Bijoux chandelier I am coveting and planning to purchase from Anthropologie. I was entertaining the idea of a custom built piece (but, tick-tock, running out of time!). I found just what I wanted at Gypsy Faire!

I had budgeted $1500 for the acquisition of said farmer’s table. I had done my research and looked around at my options with a number of online merchandisers including Etsy makers and figured that would be about right for a budget estimate. This one-of-a-kind piece (check out those legs made from salvaged porch columns!) set me back $1250. So there was a bit of wiggle room in the budget. I love wiggle room!

In the interest of using what I have already got, I have black Hitchcock chairs with a painted floral motif and rush seats that I will use with the lovely table. Although the chairs the ladies at Gypsy Faire had were tempting! The farmer’s table is in the living room now, waiting for shipment to Maine!

I am happy to be bringing something from Gypsy Faire with me to Maine because I have known two of the proprietors (Hi Anne! Hi Patty!) for years. They do a fabulous job with their shop. The table, purchased from a small business as opposed to a retail chain, is just what I needed!

Ok. Well, you may not consider a dish towel and a farmer’s table to be much of a roll. But, wait for it…







I only purchased one item. Again, with the restraint! It was, however, something I need for the new house. It doesn’t look like much in the photo because of the lighting and staging, but I bought an antique iron bed! 

It is stunning in person. Great patina! I know it will look fabulous when all decked out with beautiful bedding. It is a double size and cost just $186 and change. I had budgeted  another $1500 for a bed, so I am way, way under budget on this item! Again, at this point, I love being under budget because unexpected expenses do come up.

So I got two major, big ticket items checked off my list in a day’s time! Like I was saying, I am on a roll! 

Yours, Merryweather