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Fifty two days until darling daughter and I relocate ourselves to Great Diamond Island, Maine! We are still purging belongings here at the homefront in Maryland. I hate to admit that I have a “stuff problem”, but I quite obviously have a “stuff problem”! On Tuesday, I will be speaking with someone who does estate clean outs professionally. I am calling in the pros! Help, help!

Our new home in Maine is quite different than our current home. Think sophisticated town home versus cozy cottage. Therefore, I am taking a different design approach moving forward. Less is more, moving forward. This from a “more is more” girl!

Most of our current furnishings will work in the space, just need a whole lot less of them. For instance, the main living space is open so there is less wall space for hanging art and taxidermy and for furniture placement like bookcases and tables than in our current cozy cottage. This means not as much space for displaying art, things resembling art, books, and tchotchkes. Purge, purge, purge!

Nevertheless, I will be buying some new furnishings. From a practical standpoint, I need a new queen size mattress and box spring for our new guest bedroom. We are going from two bedrooms to three! 

And, of course, there is the matter of that beautiful draped Bijoux chandelier from the purveyors of loveliness that is Anthropologie for the new dining room! Here she is lit up:

Well, once again, I am turning to the professionals; this time for an assist with my budgeting! I am a proponent of budgets; they keep me thrifty and on track. The designers at the online design firm, Laurel & Wolf, have some decor budgeting advice:

L&W Designer Budget Tips

Great design and decorating advice! As we have talked about, I am treating myself to new dining room lighting, which is completely splurge-worthy and on the list above. 

Then, on the plus side for my budget, I already have an awesome like-new comfy sofa which makes a strong design statement what with my pink Mid Century tufted French Provincial sofa. 

And I currently possess more “one of a kind” pieces that you can shake a stick at. Think taxidermy deer mount (Hola, Skippy!) for starters. It looks like with the purchase of the chandelier I will have the big ticket items covered. Whew!

As a regular thrift store, auction-going, bargain hunter I am not too worried about the other decor items I will need in Maine. However, for something trendy, I am again turning to the folks at Anthropologie. Check out the gorgeous Bloomstudy Rug!!!


When I picked this bad boy out, it was not on back-order. Now, it is on back-order! Must be trendy! The floors in our new home in Maine are lighter colored, as above, so it will look good. I am planning on putting the small version of this rug in the kitchen, which has white wainscoting cabinetry. I think it will be brilliant! Oh, how I love florals! 

Stay tuned, friends, for the next update!

Yours, Merryweather