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When darling daughter and I move to Maine (in 56 days!), I am really looking forward to designing and decorating our new living spaces! I have a budget for fixing and a budget for furnishings. I think it is important to have a budget and to stick to it! Otherwise one could get carried away! 

Part of the fixing budget is the cost to have our new home painted from top to bottom before we move in. I chose Benjamin Moore’s 2016 Color of the Year, OC-117, Simply White for the job.
I have hired a professional painter to do the work. It is going to look fabulous! 

Simply White will be a great backdrop for the eclectic (and I do mean eclectic!) furnishings I will be hauling to Maine. Currently the townhouse is decorated with a beachy cottage vibe. Lots of blue and white and fish and crabs and whatnot. 

Yeah. No. 

I am going for an overall aesthetic which is less cliche and less contrived. I have to play to my strong suit. Think pink! Of course, my bitching pink damask mid century French Provincial three cushion sofa will make the trip north. The sofa is going to set the stage for some other fabulous furnishings including a golden dresser and fur draped chair:

I plan to acquire some new pieces to furnish the space in addition to taking my old favorites. 

One splurge piece will be a new chandelier for the dining room! It is a doozy! Chandeliers are like jewelry for a room. My motto: go big or go home!   

This beauty, the draped Bijoux chandelier, is available (online only) from Anthropologie. It is three feet in diameter! It is going to really make the space! 

As if it is not exciting enough to have bought a townhouse listed on the National Register of Historic Places on an island off Portland, Maine, now I get to design and decorate it!?! Pinch me! I must be dreaming!

Yours, Merryweather