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We are taking this show on the road! Next stop: Diamond Cove on Great Diamond Island in the Casco Bay! The island is part of Portland, Maine. And, very much, a world apart. 

Because you have to ride a ferry to get there! Or a water taxi. Or your own boat. We will be taking the ferry which has monthly and yearly passes for frequent flyers. 

The ferry is run by Casco Bay Lines on a year round basis. In the summer, there are almost hourly departures. In the off season, not so much, with just two ferry runs daily. The ferry delivers the mail to the island in addition to passengers. 

On the right hand side of the photo above, you can see the ferry making its way past Little Diamond Island, in the foreground, to Great Diamond Island just beyond. Diamond Cove is located at the northern end of the island.  

The trip to Diamond Cove takes about a half hour. The ferry’s interior is heated, there are outlets to charge your electrical devices, and free wifi! It is a comfortable and convenient way to commute. 

Leaving Portland, the ferry first stops at the southern point of Little Diamond Island (the dock near the building with the red roof), pictured below:

At low tide, Little Diamond Island and Great Diamond Island are connected by a sandbar! Looking at the right hand side of the photo above, you can see the faint outline of the submerged sandbar. I am looking forward to checking out the sandbar firsthand!

After the first stop at Little Diamond Island, the ferry continues on to the public dock on Great Diamond Island, as seen in the foreground, on the lower left side, of the photo below:

Then it is on to the private dock at Diamond Cove, seen below as looking south:

And, closer up and looking north, below:

This, my friends, is our new home!

The dock, as one would see from the ferry, is pictured below:

You can see the Diamond Cove shuttle bus and a row of parked golf carts on the dock. I now have a golf cart (a two seater) of my very own! It was free with the purchase of my town home!

The first building you see upon leaving the dock is Diamond’s Edge, the seasonally run five star restaurant: 

Then, you see the General Store, also open from Memorial Day to Labor Day:

Then, you follow the road down to the Parade Grounds, seen in the center of the photo below:

Our town house is in a former barracks building, located on the right hand side of the Parade Grounds in the photo above, which looks like this:

These buildings are what remains of Fort McKinley, a U. S. Army fort built in 1850 on Great Diamond Island. Here is a great photo of what the fort looked like in its heyday:

You can see the Parade Grounds and barracks buildings in the photo! Fort McKinley was decommissioned after World War II. Some forty years after having been abandoned, a developer stepped in and began rehabilitating and converting the old buildings into private residences and common buildings for residents’ use. 

In addition to the marina on the property:

There is a heated swimming pool:

Fitness facilities:

And even an indoor basketball court!
I plan on perfecting my free throws (swish!) at Diamond Cove. 

Gillian, my favorite castaway, said it best:

Yours, Merryweather