After a month in MA with family, I am back in MD prepping for the move to ME in about eight weeks!!! Exciting times!

I picked darling daughter up from Georgetown on Saturday. Yesterday we dove right in with the purging, prepping, and prepacking! By eleven, we had ten garbage bags full of clothes to donate! We must have another ten ready to go right now too, along with several bags of trash and debris. Darling daughter even organized my tool box. I love her OCD organizational skills! 

It feels good to be letting go of things we don’t really need. Quite unconsciously I accumulate lots of “stuff” because of my thrifting hobby. As you have witnessed firsthand, if you are a regular blog reader of mine. 

My hobby is a bit like fishing, catch and release style. Like the fisherman casts in his favorite spot and patiently waits for a fish to bite, I troll my favorite thrift stores and patiently search for the great bargains. Then “FISH ON!” and I reel in my deals like the fisherman reels in the fish. 

Well, now we are at the “release” part of the process. After having used and enjoyed our thrift store bargains, now we are releasing them back into the river of preloved goods that is the secondhand economy. These things, especially the clothing, we are donating still have life in them. My hope is they can be of benefit to someone else. 

We are keeping the “best of the best”. We are truly blessed to have so many beautiful things to choose from. Now back to purging!

Yours, Merryweather