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Today I visited the Brimfield Antiques Show! Three shows are held each year; in May, July, and September in Brimfield, MA. I try to get to a show at least once a year. Such fun!

The show opened today at dawn. I slept in. I made it to Brimfield by about nine. I paid $10 to park a half mile from where all the fun was happening on both sides of Route 20. Hundreds of vendors!

The show is a sea of white tents and all sorts of merchandise. I walked and walked and walked. I browsed and browsed and browsed. But I exercised a great deal of restraint with my buying. I was tempted by these cameras:

With the upcoming move, it doesn’t make sense for me to accumulate more stuff at the moment, even stuff from Brimfield. I need to purge and pack in the next two months!!! I will have to go on a purchasing diet while I shed the excess belongings. 

I did make one purchase today. 

And it is a doozy! 

Bathroom art! September Morn by French artist Paul Emile Chabas. Perfect for my new bathroom with all the gold accents. The vendor was asking $25. I offered $20. He accepted. Yay!

I saw lots of interesting stuff today. I walked nearly five miles. But really I just skimmed the surface of the show. I left lots of territory unexplored. Maybe I will go back tomorrow? 

Yours, Merryweather