Happy Wednesday! I am still in MA having spent the last couple weeks helping my brother with his recovery from back surgery. My mom and dad are now back in MA from FL (snowbirds!). So my mom and I went thrifting today!

Several weeks ago I blogged about the Blessing Barn in Mendon, MA (read blog post here). I got a great response to that post; thanks! Well, the Blessing Barn has a sister store nearby in Milford, MA. My mom and I went to the Milford store today because today was bag sale day!

For just $10, you can fill a cloth reusable shopping bag with clothing! Such a great deal! Every Wednesday and Saturday is bag sale day at the Blessing Barn in Milford. Here is what mom and I got in today’s bag:

Two pairs of Gap jeans for darling daughter, a pair of jeans for myself, a pair of Dockers for my mom, a pair of Dockers for my dad, and two pairs of capris for mom. 

Two knit tops for myself. 

Two blouses for darling daughter. 

Two knit tops and a pair of REI long johns for darling daughter. As usual, darling daughter made out like a bandit!

Fourteen pieces of nice clothing for the whole family for $10! Score!

Here is the view of some of the merchandise at the Milford store. All the items are organized and displayed by color!

Here is some more:

Need a wedding dress? The Blessing Barn has you covered!

Need instant ancestors? Again, the Blessing Barn has what you need!

Not sure what to get? Get your friends and family gift certificates for the stores!

Best of all you will be helping out with The Happy Place when you shop at or donate to the stores! The Happy Place is a short term respite center for adults and children with special needs sponsored by Compassion of New England. Here is their Facebook page!

Here is what The Happy Place looks like:

And here are some folks enjoying The Happy Place. 

As you know, I love to thrift. I especially love to know that my thrifting is benefiting other folks! 

Kudos to Compassion of New England for having set up these great shops and the Happy Place! Thanks to all the lovely people who donate their used goods to The Blessing Barn! And props to the friendly and helpful volunteers who make shopping at these stores a great experience! 

Yours, Merryweather