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We picked Nancy up from work this afternoon in downtown Boston and headed over to Cambridge for a bit of Earth Day Thrifting fun! We visited a thrift store called the Garment District. 

I like to consider myself an experienced thrifter, but I was not prepared for the fun inside. Part of the store is a large room with a huge pile of clothes ON THE FLOOR! The clothes from the pile are normally $2 per pound; today in honor of Earth Day the clothing pile was $1 per pound! Here is a photo of the pile:

You walk on the clothes to browse! Yikes! My OCD went into overdrive! I had a really difficult time walking on the clothes. I was overwhelmed by the desire to fold everything neatly in color coordinated piles. I have never experienced anything quite like the Garment District! 

The buy of the day has to be a long black 100% CASHMERE coat in my extra lovely size!!! It is gorgeous! Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of said coat yet…will post it tomorrow. The photo I took was very blurry. The coat is excellent! And warm and toasty! It will be just what I need for New England winters once I relocate! The coat weighed 3.6 pounds and cost me (do the math) $3.60! Amazing buy!

I bought fifteen other pieces of clothing for $6.60. That is $0.44 a piece! Mostly tops for darling daughter and myself. Here we go!

The first thing I picked up was a 100% wool April Cornell sweater! I am a huge April Cornell fan. This sweater was a good omen! This is darling daughter sized. 

A white J. Jill blouse for me. 


A white H&M blouse for darling daughter. 

A loose blue tee for darling daughter.  

A light grey J. Crew cardigan for darling daughter. 

A black tissue weight Merona turtleneck. 

A paisley J. Crew button down for darling daughter. 

A pale pink cashmere cardigan by Boston Proper for darling daughter. 

A pink sleeveless Lily Pulitzer polo shirt for darling daughter. 

A floral RL Polo knit shirt for myself.   

A blue Tulip 3/4 sleeve jacket for me. 

A grey H&M sleeveless blouse for darling daughter. 

Two pairs of pj pants for me. 

And, finally, a black tank for darling daughter. 

So that is the wrap up! Thanks, Nancy, for broadening my thrifting experiences! 

Happy Earth Day!

Yours, Merryweather