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I apologize for the delay in posting about the wonderful thrifting opportunities I had between the househunting earlier this week in NH. I managed to catch a cold on the trip so I was down for the count yesterday. I am feeling a bit better today. Without further ado:

An extra lovely sized women’s black wool coat from Old Navy. $1. 

Two pairs of wide wale LL Bean corduroy pants and a Gap polo for Jordan. All for $3. 

A Roseville crock. $3. Skein of yarn. $1.50. 

A lovely Anysley English bone china tchotchke. Roses and seashells. Two of my favorite things. $1.50. 

These goodies were thrifted at the Salvation Army in Swanzey, NH. 

From the Red Shed in Troy, NH, I found the following treasures for $0.25 each. Japanese bird trivets. 

Filigree what-not. 

Wooden miniature easel. 

For $2, a sleeping bag bag. 

I love my thrifting forays in the north country!

Yours, Merryweather