Yesterday was a long day! We left my parents’ house in MA at 6:00 after our weekend house hunting in NH. At about 8:30 we stopped in New Haven, CT at Yale University to visit darling daughter’s bestie, Jordan!!!

We met at a lovely cafe, Maison Mathis. Jordan took darling daughter on a campus tour, showing her the highlights. It was raining so I waited for them and ate a chocolate Belgian waffle:

It was great seeing Jordan again! After hugs and goodbyes, we were back on the road, due south. 

Yeah. Lots of traffic through CT. And NY. And NJ. The Delaware Memorial Bridge resembled a parking lot. 

Unfortunately, we lost quite a bit of travel time due to traffic which put us in DC rush hour traffic on the way to Georgetown. Argh. 

We drove down Maine Avenue and saw the beautiful cherry blossom trees which are currently blossoming at their peak. Finally, we made it to Georgetown. It was 6:30. We said goodbye. 

I still had to navigate out of the city at the tail end of rush hour. Fun! I got home at 8:30. At 14 1/2 hours, this trip qualifies as the longest trip in nearly twenty years of making the journey between our home and my parents’ home. 

I apologize for not writing about the pillaging, I mean thrifting, we did in New England yet. When I unpack the car later I will take some photos. Darling daughter absconded with the goodies we found for her. Mostly lots of adorable clothes. Not to worry. There is still plenty to write about. 

Until later, my friends!

Yours, Merryweather