As I have mentioned previously, I am on the market, in the market, and otherwise completely market bound for some real estate in New England. Having lived for nearly twenty years in Maryland, it is time to go back to the Motherland. 

New Hampshire (pronounced “new hampstah”), to be exact. Although technically I grew up in nearby Massachusetts (pronounced “taxachusetts”), for tax and other reasons, I will be relocating to NH as opposed to MA. Live free or die, that is my motto. I mean, New Hampstah’s motto. 

Darling daughter and I will be traveling north this week to see some real estate in NH. Exciting! I showed you all this house here on this blog, which I visited several weeks ago:


Some of you wrote to say that you like it. Thanks! Today my friends at Zillow emailed me that the price of this house dropped $15,000! Wow! Can you believe it? What is not to love?

Well, here is where it gets complicated. You see, there is another house in NH which I really, really like too. Here it is:


Pretty, isn’t it?  The thing is in mid March it went under contract. I thought it was no longer an option for us. Then, a week later it came back on the market! It is currently on the market and very much an option. 

This house and I have some history. This time last year, I visited this house for the first time with my brother while I was househunting. I was smitten. It is currently being run as a Bed & Breakfast so I actually made a reservation and spent a night there! It was wonderful! How many people have the opportunity to sleep in a house before buying it?!?

But, as some of you know, in spite of several years of trying, I could not sell my house. I was stuck.

So I watched this yellow house (it is yellow although it looks white in the photo above) from afar via Zillow. Then I saw the other house, the green one, on Zillow. Tempting. I might have a Zillow problem. 

Now it appears I have found a private buyer for my house! Long story. Maybe for another time. 

Up until today both houses were priced at $185,000. The yellow house, built in 1810, recently dropped from $199,000 and the green house, built in 1840, just dropped today to $170,000. I think there might be some negotiation room still with both. 

Green house, at 2,530 square feet, has four bedrooms and two baths. Yellow house has four bedrooms and three and a half baths at 1,760 square feet. The lot sizes are comparable; small, which is what I want. Yellow house has a one car attached garage. Green house has no garage, and no possibility to build one. Both houses have granite foundations. Both houses need a bit of fixing. Exactly how much fixing won’t be known until the houses are inspected by a professional. I have the budget to fix, provided nothing huge shows up in the inspection. 

Real estate taxes are about the same for each house. The green house is located in the center of a sleepy village of about 1,500 people, about two hours drive from my parents’ house. The yellow house is in the historic district of a small town of about 5,000 people, only an hour from my parents. The yellow house has public water and sewer. The green house does not. Both houses have fabulous perennial gardens and mountains nearby. Both houses are picturesque. 

Green house:


Yellow house:


What is a girl to do?

I think I am in a love triangle!

Yours, Merryweather