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I found the first yard sale of the season yesterday on my way to Jane’s house! It was awesomeness! I bought this enamel floral tea kettle for $0.10!!!

In the photo it still has a protective layer of dust on it. That will clean right up with some hot soapy water. I saw a kettle like this on Etsy a while back for $45! This is an awesome find for a silly price! Just my kind of buy!

I bought Jane a bunch of stuff, but I don’t have photos because I ran right over her house and gave her the goods. The best buy was a bright yellow Hall vase (just like she collects!) for $4! Art pottery for a song! Love it!

It was shortly before lunch time when I made these scores. The lovely yard sale woman told me to come back later as they were still unloading their trailer. Well, OK!

I visited with Jane. We had a delightful time. Then I went back to the yard sale! This time I got a tiny Lenox swan for my mom for $2:

I saw lots of interesting other items, but I showed some restraint. Really. Don’t. Want. To. Become. A. Hoarder. Besides, I was heading to the auction last night. 

In case you missed it, this was my auction score for $5:

I love this trunk! The colors and patina speak to me. Now I have three very large trunks (the other two are black). And, my friends, as we have discussed before, three of anything is a collection! Yay! I have a trunk collection!

You’ll never guess where I went this morning.  

Wait for it…

Back to yesterday’s yard sale!

The weather has turned cold, cloudy, and windy today, but they had new merchandise out! So glad I went back. There were deals to be made on the second day of this two day sale. 

Today’s buys include a beautiful vintage ironing board for my growing collection:

And what goes better with a vintage ironing board than a vintage iron with the original packaging!

I paid $20 for both these items. Negotiated down from $34. I took advantage of the last day of the sale: sell, sell, sell! Who wants to pack up and dispose of or donate unsold items. I drive a hard bargain. 

Drove all over. Couldn’t find anymore yard sales. 

So I went thrifting!

Sleeveless Ann Taylor knit shell for darling daughter. $1. 

Striped Eddie Bauer cardigan sweater for yours truly. $1. 

New Merona brand t shirt for myself. $4. 

Wooden shadow box which I am going to repurpose and use as a tray to corral some of my jewelry. $2. I might paint this. 

Pot of yellow roses which I cannot kill because they are silk! $0.50.

Twin size comforter. Love the colors! $2. 

Painted Hitchcock chair. Sturdy.  $6.

I might repaint the chair. One day. 

And, last but not least, a purchase I made last Sunday at Gypsy Faire in Lothian, MD. A vintage panoramic photo (like I collect!) for just $10! 

The shop is only open one weekend a month and has a huge following. I plan to write a special blog post the beginning of next month about the shop. It is A-MAZE-ING!!!

Whew! Are you exhausted? Because I am! Next on the agenda: a nap!

Guess where I am going tomorrow?

If you guessed “TRAIN SHOW” then winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!

As we know, train shows generally mean ancillary thrifting opportunities. So it is all good. As a bonus, this show is in Annapolis so there is quite possibly a visit to the Anthropologie store in my near future! I am a lucky girl!!!

Yours, Merryweather