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Tis the third Tuesday of the month – Experimental Art Group Day! Yay!

The key ingredients of today’s  project were wooden spools, buttons, wire, and bits of whatnot. Barb brought the spools. Pam has a box of buttons the size of Rhode Island! Such fun looking through it for just the right buttons. So we made spool dolls!  Here is mine:

You will notice she is anatomically correct. She has boobies! And that is my face in the jam jar lid which is her head. I used my own hair to complete her. Just kidding. That is part of a Brillo pad. But very similar to my own hair…all wiry and silver. 

It was a fun project. We used a Dremel tool, glue gun, and wire clippers and pliers to put the dolls together. Some people painted the spools. Lots of variation in the dolls. All charming! Thanks, Barb and Pam and Deb for the supplies, advice, and technical assistance!

Of course, I did some thrifting on the way to art class. Because I hadn’t been out trolling for bargains for a bit. I found a golden sequined Forever21 tank top for $3 for darling daughter. 

How cute will this be with some jeans? And it will look smashing hanging on the clothes rack in her room when she is not wearing it. 

Then a black Mossimo racer back dress for darling daughter. $1. 

The rest of today’s buys were for yours truly. An extra lovely sized Old Navy grey tank for $1. 

A Mossimo extra lovely sized flannel plaid tunic. $1. 

And, finally, some footwear. These Privo sneaker flats set me back $6. So comfy. Cuter than running shoes. 

Well, folks, that is a wrap for today. I anticipate some more thrifting tomorrow at SMILE. Stay tuned!

Yours, Merryweather