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Today was a fun day! The weather is still BEAUTIFUL! I hung out with Barb at the Fuzzy Farmers Market this afternoon. Barb made some wind chimes with a vintage teapot, silverware, and beads. It is nice. I am working on a weaving on my trusty cardboard loom. No photos, sorry. 

Barb gifted me a beautiful vintage dish! She was thinking it would look good with Skippy on the gallery wall.  It is so me!

And Barb’s friend, Misti, had saved a catalog for me. Not just any catalog! The current MacKenzie-Childs catalog! I love all things MacKenzie-Childs! My iPhone cover is MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check! How many times can I say “MacKenzie-Childs” in this paragraph? MacKenzie-Childs, MacKenzie-Childs, MacKenzie-Childs! The bunny on the cover is Courtly Check like my cell phone cover. 

In any case, I was looking at the catalog when Barb came in to give me the dish. This is the page I was on:

Doesn’t it look like the dish leapt off the page? All pink and green and floral and geometric! Such nice gifts!

Speaking of pink, I stopped at St. Andrew’s Church Thrift Store on the way to Leonardtown. I thrifted this pink gown for $0.50!

I plan on cutting it up into strips and making fabric roses with it! The cardigan has beautiful sparkly buttons. The skirt is taffeta-like. 


I am so easily amused. Just $0.50 and some sweet friends with lovely gifts made my day!

Yours, Merryweather