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It was my first ever trip to the DC Big Flea today! Darling daughter and I browsed aisle after aisle of vintage and antique goods at the Dulles Exposition Center in Chantilly, VA. Such fun! 

No major purchases were made today. Just some trinkets. Without further ado:

Matching mother and daughter light pink eel skin change purses! So gorgeous! So soft and supple! Just lovely. The pair was $19.00. 

Some random jewelry including some Barbara Bush pearls. $4. 

A silverware letter opener, spoon bracelet, fork cell phone holder (got two of these bad boys – mother and daughter purchase again!), and a silverware barrette (not pictured) for darling daughter. All for $16.50!

It was about a two mile walk to see all the sights. Like these Hummels:

Have you ever seen so many Hummels in one place? My late grandmother, Meme, used to collect these. My Uncle Dan, who was in the service, bought them for her. They bring back fond memories. 

In another month or so the local outdoor flea markets will be open. I can’t wait! It has been a long winter. Time for some outdoor shopping opportunities!

Yours, Merryweather