Wishing you all a belated Happy St. Valentine’s Day and also a Happy Presidents Day! 

It snowed last night and most of the day today here in Maryland. So, once again, I am doing my most convincing impersonation of a hibernating brown mama bear. I really feel like I have this down, this hibernating thing. 

But, when I am not busy checking my eyelids for leaks, I have been pinning! Yes, my friends, I made a Pinterest account last week and started pinning. One pin led to another and another. And so on and so on. 

Today I reached a milestone! One thousand pins!!!

The crowd goes wild!

*takes a victory lap around bedroom*

Note my thousandth pin was actually a pin about pins! I think that makes me pin a pun. I so punny! 

Hasta mañana mis amigos!

Yours, Merryweather