Now that this thrifting hiatus is behind me in the rear view mirror, I am back to my normal thrifting, junking, antique hunting ways!

This morning on the way to another train show (!!!) in Timonium, MD we made a quick stop at a brand spanking new antique store in Huntingtown, MD called Simply Vintage. It was simply sublime. 

The shop just opened today. I had met one of the proprietors, Stan, last week at the auction. I liked almost every single thing they had. For forty dollars (U.S.), I walked with this:

Oh. My. Goddess. 

Look at those women! The clothes! The shoes and hosiery! The hats and gloves! The hairstyles! The expressions!

I actually collect these group panoramic photos. I know. I basically have a collection of just about anything you can imagine. Perhaps even some things you can’t think of. 

I have no idea who these particular women are, but the custom framing was done in San Clemente, CA. I think this photo is da bomb! I would have expected to spend upwards of $100 for a specimen like this. $40! Sold!!!

Oh, yes. Now that the cat is out of the bag that I went to the auction last week, here are my buys:

Large rose artwork. $5. 

Vintage ironing board. Also $5. I have a collection of these. I think I have ten.  Like I said, I’ve got myself some highly unusual collections. 

Happy Saturday!

Yours, Merryweather