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I did a bit of thrifting today. We must be at maximum capacity around here in terms of stuff because I was not feeling the vibe. Gasp! What, not feeling the vibe!?!

I have amassed quite a bit of stuff lately, what with the holidays and the thrifting trip to Florida. I have collected books not yet read, projects not yet completed, and even clothes not yet worn. So I have decided I am going to take a hiatus from thrifting. I am taking the month of February off from thrifting!

Now this will be easier said than done because I am truly addicted to the thrill of the hunt. I love to find bargains. But, in the interest of space in our tiny house and money in the bank, I am taking a break. Of course, I picked the shortest month of the year for this personal challenge!

To up the ante, as it were, I think every time I get hit with the urge to thrift I will go for a walk instead. A nice, budget friendly health improving walk around the island where we live. February isn’t the best time of the year for walking in the neighborhood, but it won’t kill me to do it. In fact, I have an ulterior motive and it goes something like this…

In the next thirteen months or so, I will be turning FIFTY!!! I know, it is hard to believe! 

Turning fifty has motivated me to get into shape. Well, that and all the scolding by my doctor. I have been following the Whole 30 eating plan off and on since October. I have lost weight when I follow the plan. I am still an extra lovely sized woman, but I am making progress with losing weight. 

Getting back to thrifting. Today will be my last thrifting hurrah for a month. I did find something today I just had to have, pink floral pants!!!

Oh my goodness. They are so me. They are from Garnet Hill. They were half price at just $3. And, the kicker is, they are size 6. I am no where near a size 6 right now. But, with some hard work and determination, I very well could be a size 6 for my fiftieth birthday. 

That is my goal. These pants are my motivational pants. These pants are going to inspire me to focus on my weight loss goal. These pants are the bomb. 

Wish me luck!

Yours, Merryweather