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Yesterday was a fun thrifting day! I visited several different thrift stores and I scored! 

First, I went to SMILE.  I found this knit top there from Soft Surroundings for $2.50. 

I really like the detail in front. Here is a close up. 

My next stop was St. Andrew’s Church Thrift Shop. You are not going to believe what I found there! A mink coat!!! It is platinum mink. From Greece. A must have for darling daughter. 

The mink coat was $30. Luckily, I still have some Christmas cash for life’s little luxuries like a vintage mink! 

I know not everyone approves of wearing fur. I am of the opinion that vintage fur is acceptable because I would rather see it used and enjoyed than in a landfill. It was a different time with different norms when this coat was made. I can respect that. 

My next stop was the Vintage Values in Charlotte Hall. This is the store I have visited before and all the clothing was marked $1. I was in luck! Once again, all the clothing was still marked $1!!! 

For darling daughter, five, count ’em, five pairs of jeans. She has recently begun wearing jeans again after a number of years of wearing skirts and dresses with tights only. So I am trying to build her inventory up. Three American Eagle, one Pepe, one Brooklyn. $5. 

A pair of New York and Company black pants perhaps for her Mock Trial meets. $1. 

Various blouses and sweaters for darling daughter from Forever21, Old Navy, and New York and Company. $4. 


And a black suit jacket for darling daughter, for Mock Trial meets again. $1. 

For yours truly, two knit tops. $2.

And finally a pink polka dot sheet to make into one of those flag banner things. $1.  

I donated a bag of clothes from my closet yesterday so I feel better about this haul. If darling daughter doesn’t like some things, she can donate them. Usually I do a good job shopping for her. It is all good. 

Happy Friday!

Yours, Merryweather