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I brought darling daughter back to Georgetown this afternoon. No problems whatsoever getting her there in spite of two feet of snow on the ground. The main roads were plowed.  

The ride home was another story entirely! I started out okay making my way down M Street through Georgetown. Here is a photo of the corner of M and Wisconsin. 

But things went awry quickly. I turned onto New Hampshire Avenue, passing by George Washington University Hospital. I made it through two stop signs. Then the road in front of me was suddenly blocked with cars stuck in the snow. 

I made a quick right hand turn onto a side street that was not plowed. There were some travel ruts. I aimed for the ruts. Mary Passat is front wheel drive. She handled the snow like a champ. 

At the end of the street, someone had parked a pickup, blocking the lane. I beeped my horn. A guy came out and waved at me to go around. I shook my head. There were no ruts in the snow. He moved his truck.

I made another right hand turn. Mary and I were doing great. Then, at the end of the block, the street turned right and went slightly uphill. We got stuck. I tried gunning it, putting it in reverse, then gunning it again. No joy. We were stuck. My mouth went dry, I stopped breathing. What was I going to do?

A car pulled up behind me. A man got out. He started pushing my car. A young couple joined him. We made some progress with them pushing and me gunning it. But we couldn’t free Mary to get going up the hill. 

A pickup truck stopped on the left hand side. An older man got out with a shovel! Then a young guy with another shovel came over! They cleared the road in front of the car. My three other friends pushed. And we were free!!!

I was shouting “thank you” and waving as I drove away! I love these folks! I got back on Pennsylvania Avenue, which was clear, thinking I was home free. I could catch 17th Street and get back to Maine Avenue then on to the highway. 

However, as I pulled up to the traffic light at 17th, a police officer was blocking the road. He signaled for me to go the other way. I did a U-turn and drove back to 19th Street, which had not been plowed. Mary made it through. She is a very determined car. We took a left onto Constitution and then a right onto 17th. Whew! Maine Avenue was just ahead. 

We made it onto Maine, then the highway. Everything was clear. Yay!  I drove happily along for several miles. I worked my way over to the left hand lane to take the exit onto Suitland Parkway. Yeah. No. 

Suitland Parkway was closed. Oh shoot. I have no idea how to get home from where I am at if I can’t take Suitland. Thank goodness for Siri. I put in our home address and she told me, turn by turn, how to get there. It wasn’t too difficult. Just a couple miles down the highway I recognized where we were and was relieved. Mary and I were going to make it back to Southern Maryland after all!

The rest of the trip was uneventful. Thankfully!

It is the fourth quarter and the New England Patriots are losing to the Denver Broncos. Rats. Maybe things will turn around for the Patriots the way they turned around for me. 

Here is a big shout out for those kind souls who came to my rescue today near GWU Hospital: THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Yours, Merryweather