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Unless you have been asleep under a rock somewhere all week, you probably know the east coast is having a blizzard right now! Jonas is here for a visit. Due to high winds, the electricity just flickered twice here. That made me run upstairs to charge my phone! 

Losing electricity would be a very bad thing for us as we heat with an electric air pump. That, and being able to cook, make tea and coffee, charge our phones, listen to the radio, have hot water and indoor lighting would go away if the power goes out. Fingers crossed nothing happens to our electricity!

I am not alone for the blizzard. I picked darling daughter up from school on Thursday. She doesn’t have classes on Fridays this semester. She was supposed to go wedding gown shopping with her friend, Mandy, yesterday. Alas, the appointment was cancelled because of the impending weather. Mandy is getting married in the summer of 2017 and darling daughter is in the wedding party, one of three bridesmaids. 

It started snowing yesterday afternoon about 1pm. After running a couple quick errands about that time, we ensconced ourselves in our humble abode. Cabin fever set in rather quickly. Just the idea that I shouldn’t be out and about in the bad weather is enough to make me feel trapped. Even though there are plenty of things to do here, I complained about being bored. 

Darling daughter has her homework assignments, a summer job application, and Mock Trial case to keep busy. Meanwhile I have been cooking up a Whole 30 storm. Darling daughter is a good sport and eats what I make. We had carnitas last night. For breakfast this morning, I made sautéed nutmeg parsnips. Delicious. 

It is supposed to continue snowing all day. Later on, I will suit up in my winter gear and take some photos for you all. 

We are safe and sound. I hope you are too if you are experiencing the bad weather also. 

Yours, Merryweather