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My friends. Today was a double header. First, thrifting. Then, art. Two of the things I love most of all!

First, I went back to the Vintage Values in Mechanicsville, MD today. The last time I was there (which was the first time I had ever been there) all the clothing was $1.00 each. I thought it was too good to be true. I scored a bunch of stuff, primarily for darling daughter. I figured, though, it was a special sale or something. 

Nope! Again, today all the clothing was $1.00! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Most our local thrift stores are way overpriced on clothing. Like $7.00 for a used Walmart shirt. No thank you. This vintage values has quality merchandise for $1.00!  Happy, happy, happy! 

Here is what I found:

Two 100% cashmere sweaters for darling daughter. $1.00 each! Can I get a “woot woot”?

Two Forever 21 dresses for darling daughter. Just $1.00 each. 

A sheer nude blouse for darling daughter. $1.00. I think this will look cute with a black pencil skirt. 

Three knit top for moi. I am the queen of the knit top. $3. 

Two very nice twin size bed skirts with awesome details. $1.00 each. If these don’t get used as bed skirts, I will repurpose them into something else. Where else can you get about two yards of nice fabric for $1.00?

Finally, a book about glass. Great book showing all sorts of glass collections. I will add this to my design book bookcase, filed by color. Just $1.00!

Whew! So. Much. Thrifting. Fun. 

Then it was time for our experimental art group meet up!!! Barbara, our fearless leader and avid reader of this blog (Hi Barb!),  had about 1000 hard plastic hoops in a large bin. She has had the hoops a long time. She wanted to make the hoops disappear. 

So we all grabbed a hoop and started weaving. A bunch of us had brought yarn to share. I brought doilies, too, from my stash. Here is my first hoop-de-doo. Welcome to the 1980s, dream catcher style!

My dream catcher is not yet complete. I want to randomly tie sea shells into the long strands of yarn. When we were in Sanibel two weeks ago, I was sure to pick up all the shells I could find with holes in them. It is easier if Mother Nature has made the holes then to get a Dremel tool out to drill. 

The problem is I put the shells on the table on the deck outside and they got snowed on. So they are one big frozen pile of calcium carbonate right now. You can see one such sea shell tied in the yarn in the right side of the dream catcher. I managed to break one shell off the pile. I defrosted it in my pocket. Long story. Sorry. 

My second project was something completely different with a masculine 1960s vibe:

Not much to be said here. Simple and straightforward. 

Experimental art is always fun! Great group of women. So much talent. 

In any case, Barbara insisted we all take more hoops with us. She was serious. She wanted these things gone. I have about a dozen. I will be crafting. Send me your special requests (see contact info) and I will make you one, or two. 

Yours, Merryweather