Whole30 is an eating plan that has worked for me in the past. You eat protein, vegetables, fruit, and healthy fat on Whole30. You do not eat sugar, dairy, grains, legumes, soy, and unhealthy fats. No processed foods. No alcohol. 

In thirty days from October to November 2015, I lost fourteen (14!) pounds by following the plan. I lost another four pounds in December as I undertook my second Whole30. However, I only lasted two weeks on my second Whole30 because of STARBUCKS HOLIDAY LATTES!!! Seriously. 

In mid December I fell off the Whole30 plan. Sure, lattes were available just down the street. I love lattes. I think, though, it was the anticipation of the holidays that got to me. 

I did not trust myself to stick with the plan over the holidays. Darling daughter would be home from school and I wanted to indulge her (and indulge with her) with all her favorite food and beverage. It seemed like a lost cause. 

Then we vacationed in Florida. We visited my parents. I did not want to jump through hoops in trying to eat according to Whole30 while staying with them. Excuses, excuses. 

I visited the doctor today. I gained back six of the eighteen pounds I had lost. Still, the doctor was pleased I had lost twelve pounds in three months. I am glad it was just six pounds I gained back. Can you say “yo-yo”?

In any case, I am back on Whole30 starting today! I have been to the grocery store and stocked up on healthy foods. I am good. I can do this. 

Yours, Merryweather