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Can you believe it!?! I am still thrifting! My mom and I headed out today for my fourth day of Florida thrifting! OMG! There are so many thrift shops here!

We started out with some little things for mom’s kitchen here. Her kitchen is mostly red and white with an overall apple theme. The red coffee mugs were $1 each, the white Crate and Barrel bowl was $0.50, and the grater was $0.25. 

I found more wall art; this time two flutterby prints for $0.50! I may add these to the living room gallery wall. 


At the next stop, I found an off white wire shelf rack for $4. I will find something to do with this bad boy. 


As seen in the photo above, I also found a tiny seashell covered trinket box for $2.40. I collect these. I must have fifty seashell boxes of various shapes and sizes. I used to have them displayed in my bathroom. One of my friends said the loo looked like a mermaid’s lair. The real estate agent made me put them away. 


I bought a bag of “emergency seashells” for $2 in the event the weather is bad when we go to the beach and I can’t collect shells. 


Today I bought some books! A beautiful coffee table book about Ecuador, where I lived in 1985 -1986 as a foreign exchange student, and where I worked as a tour guide in 1993-1994. This book was published in 1987 and I paid $7.40 for the book. It was quite a lot for a thrift store book, but I love the photos! I had to have it. 


I bought Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book Simple Abundance for $0.50. I must have three copies of this book. I love it. I am thinking of folding the pages of this copy to make some wall art. 


Then books by my friends, Rachel (Ashwell) and Martha (Stewart). I love their work. I collect their books. $1.97 each. 


Then a gorgeous gardening book for my dad, who loves to garden. Also, $1.97. 


Then I found a ginormous basket! It was marked $30.99. I got it for $8! It was marked down 75% as it had been in the shop more than three months. I plan on using it for my yarn collection at home. 


Then I found a silver sparkly tote that I plan to use for beach combing. $1.99. I think I have the same bag at home! Now I have two!

Also, for beach combing I bought some capris. I only brought leggings here to Florida. I have decided capris will be better for when we go to the beach. I got denim for $4 and khaki for $5. 

Then I found for my mom another lazy Susan! This one is even nicer than the one we found yesterday. It is brand new in original packing from Cracker Barrel for $30. She paid $5. Best of all it is apple motif! It matches her kitchen! We can use this for Scrabble. She gifted me the one we found yesterday for my Scrabble game at home. 

I think my mom got the buy of the day. A Lenox bowl for $5. She has an extensive Lenox collection here and in Massachusetts! It is a lovely dish. 

Day four of thrifting! I am pooped! 

Yours, Merryweather