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My mom and I went thrifting today, ALL DAY!!! This makes a trifecta for me. Three days in a row of thrifting while visiting my parents in Florida!

I think my mom and I visited eight different thrift shops, all within about twenty miles of their house. From a very upscale Salvation Army to a huge junk store. Such fun!

First buy of the day, something mom was looking for. A mug tree for $2.99! This will actually be a project for my dad to paint to make it match the kitchen. All for $2.99. 

I also found a NWT Ula Beauty tote bag at our first stop. Floral. So me. Also $2.99.

Today we bought our fair share of clothing. For mom, a lavender Eddie Bauer knit top. $3. 


Denim capri’s for mom for $2.00. 


Raspberry capri’s for Mom for $6. 


A rocking black and white striped Calvin Klein blouse for $7.50 for darling daughter. She can dress this up or down. 


For yours truly, a light tan Susan Graver knit swing cardigan (buttonless) and a pair of white leggings. $6.  

Then a vintage hand embroidered blouse. $1.50. All the clothing at the store where I found this were fifty percent off!


We stopped for lunch. I was famished! I had a Tex Mex burger. Delicious!


Then, after our lunch, we found a vintage small glass juicer for $2.99. 


Two small pink dishes for $1. 


A vintage blue serving tray for $1. 

And, finally, another something  my mom was looking for. A Lazy Susan!  For the Scrabble board! Just $3. 


There was a wide variation between the thrift stores we visited. Some small, some large. Some very well put together, and one that was just best described as a “hot mess”. Some prices better than others. But all in all, a fun day spent with mom doing what we do best – thrifting!

Yours, Merryweather