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Sunshine today! It is beautiful out! 

My parents went to the airport earlier to pick up some neighbors from their holiday vacation. 

Jordan and darling daughter left this morning to visit his grandparents. I let her take the car instead of driving them there. She texted me to say they arrived safely. I am sure they will have fun. 

Left on my own, I went solo thrifting this morning!

First buy, $0.50 for this painting:

For $2, a used artist’s palette:

Then a funny t-shirt for $1:

A Boden shirt for darling daughter for $3.50:

A J. Crew shirt also for darling daughter for $6:

Finally, two pairs of jeans for darling daughter. Lucky Brand and David Kahn. $9.50 for both:

I am really enjoying myself here in Florida! Sunshine and thrifting! Woo hoo! 

Yours, Merryweather