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Darling daughter and I took a stab at the living room gallery wall this afternoon. What I had in mind was to compliment Skippy, our taxidermied buck, with pink florals. I thrifted the art work. Some is vintage, some is not. I found some in my travels and some locally. No piece cost more than $12. Skippy set me back $25 at an auction in PA in September. 

Sue had recommended paper templates to help make the design easier. Her’s was a solid recommendation. We ran out of time though, so we skipped the templates. In any case, I treat the walls around here as if they were made of cork board. Of course, they are not. That is what putty is for!

The photographs aren’t great (sorry). It is a tiny house so it is difficult to get the right angle. Without any further excuses, here is the wall:

If things look a bit crooked, it is because they are! The wall bulges in the middle. It is a crooked little house! Perfectly imperfect, as it were. 

I took most the pillows and cushions off our lovely pink midcentury sofa because the wall is now so busy. I didn’t want the wall and the sofa cushions competing with each other. We stashed the pillows. 

Can you believe it? No F Bomb! 

Happy New Year’s Eve! Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciate it! Wishing you all the best in 2016!

Yours, Merryweather