Yesterday afternoon I met up with the Experimental Art Group. We made Christmas ornaments! Barbara, our fearless leader, brought a bunch of glass bulbs. We all made a bunch of different ornaments. Some people hand painted birds and whatnot on the bulbs, others painted the bulbs (either inside or out). People filled the bulbs with confetti, glitter, garland, ribbons, or all of the above. Here is my handiwork:

I went with natural elements like ivory colored wool roving, seashells, and feathers. I did this for Skippy’s benefit. Skippy is my taxidermied buck. 

I feel like too much glitz and glitter might be off putting to him. Trying to keep things as natural as possible for Christmas. I want him to feel at home. Thanks to Barbara and all the other ladies for a fun crafternoon yesterday!

I went to SMILE thrift store this morning. I scored a piece of Christmas Lenox for mom for $0.50!!! Great deal. My mom is my most loyal blog reader so she will see this. The element of surprise has flown out the window! But $0.50 for Lenox! I had to share with you all. 

I also scored some nice brass electric candlesticks for the windows for only $0.25 each. These were new in boxes. I got seven, so for less than $2, I can illuminate the front windows. Such a pretty look. 

I am picking darling daughter up tonight from Georgetown. Her Latin exam is from 4 to 6 tonight. Send prayers (in Latin or otherwise) her way for a good grade, please! 

Yours, Merryweather