I recently purchased two pairs of Hue leggings. Bonded Lace and Brocade Jersey. I bought them at the local Peebles Clearance Center for an absurdly low price of $1.49 each. They regularly retail for $46 each. You can read about my score here

I have on the Bonded Lace leggings today. Yesterday I wore the Brocade Jersey leggings. I can unequivocally say these leggings are AWESOME! Gorgeous and comfy. They are a substantial fabric, not flimsy. Obviously a high quality product.

I feel like a million bucks in them! 

If my budget allowed for $46 full price leggings I would definitely acquire these bad boys. So if during a shopping expedition you spy some Hue leggings, I say go for it! If they are discounted, even better!

This is a completely unbiased review because I purchased the leggings myself, and had no preconceived notion as to whether I would like them or not. 

Yours, Merryweather