From the Douglas Flea Market in Massachusetts, we have a rustic heart shaped twig wreath. $12. I wanted it for my front door, but it is too wide. Regrettably I do not have much open wall space in the house, being the magpie I am. So we improvised a hanging device from the ceiling to layer it over a window on the porch. I like it! This is the view from my desk. 

The house is once again fast becoming highly decorated! I love it! I had “pared things down” quite a bit when the house was on the market per the real estate agents’ advice. Now it is not for sale and I am living large! More is more! Bah hah hah!

Oh. I thought I would use this golden hook to hang the wreath, but came up with alternate hanging hardware arrangement. No worries. I will find a spot for this beauty. 

Yours, Merryweather