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We traveled back to Maryland safely today, leaving Massachusetts at o’dark thirty. Actually dropped darling daughter off at Georgetown on the way home. I will miss her. She is my partner in crime! But there are just a few weeks of classes left until winter break. 

I am pooped from the long day. But I have some pictures from our Massachusetts Thanksgiving 2015 thrift haul!

First, art for the “in process” living room gallery art wall. $12 from Bernat Antiques in Uxbridge, MA. 

As a reminder, here are the other pieces of pink floral artwork I have collected thus far (and the HOORAY art):

Next, a large woolen shawl. $2 from the Blessing Barn in Milford, MA. it is good to have warm woolen things in our drafty house. 

Then a magic wand!!! Check it out! $4 from Bernat’s. 

I have been casting spells left and right since I got this thing! It is amazing!

Then more floral art from Bernat’s. $5. If I don’t use this in the living room, I may start a gallery wall in the upstairs hallway. I have some other art with black frames. They might be striking grouped together.  Stay tuned. 

The little gold easel was free at the Douglas Flea Market. It was half of $0.25 so Marlene didn’t charge me. 

Also from Douglas Flea Market some handmade warm woollies. A pair of fingerless gloves. $2.  And a pink headband. Also $2. I love these warm woollies! Then a vintage long golden makeup case for $1. To attempt to organize my purse. Which is the size of carry on  luggage. No kidding. 

From Stillwater Antiques in Greenville, Rhode Island, a vintage glass paperweight. It is the small one with the bluebird of happiness inside. $10. I already had the other two paperweights. Three of anything is a collection, my friends!

From Joy at Joyful Things in Uxbridge, MA a baby bird still life. I love this! $20. 



Believe it or not, there still are a couple of items I’ve yet to photograph from our thrifting expedition! But I need some sleep now! Desperately!!!

Until tomorrow, my friends. 

Yours, Merryweather