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Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for THRIFTING! While the turkey is in the oven (big shout out to Mom! thanks!), here is a report on yesterday’s thrifting haul. 

We went to the Blessing Barn in Milford yesterday. It was $7 bag day. For $7, we snagged fourteen items. That works out to $0.50 a piece. Included in this haul was:

A pair of Gap jeans for darling daughter. 

A pair of Lauren Conrad jeans for DD. 

A handmade heart sweater for DD. 

A DKNY Jeans sweater for DD. 

A black kimono sleeve sweater for yours truly. 

A grey Gap turtleneck sweater for yours truly. 

A 100% cashmere sweater!!! For fifty cents!!!

A brand new with tags Talbot grey cable knit sweater for DD. Original price $70. Snagged for $0.50!

The rest of this clothing haul is currently in the laundry. Photos to follow. 

Also, from the Blessing Barn, three seashell trivets. $3. I collect these. 

We later visited the local Salvation Army. Darling daughter needed Christmas apparel for an upcoming fete. This Santa vest ($3) fits the bill: 

A tan dolman sleeve sweater that I plan to embellish with felted flowers. $3.  

And, finally, for DD’s best friend Jordan, a fleece lined wool plaid Patagonia shirt for $8. DD will see Jordan later today. 

Woo hoo! Like I said previously, there is no thrifting like hometown thrifting! 

Happy Turkey Day!

Yours, Merryweather