Oh. My. 

We hit it (thrifting) today and we hit it hard. I love hometown thrifting! We really don’t have the thrifting opportunities in Maryland like those here in Massachusetts. 

It is going to take me several posts to cover everything. 

Large, beautiful tole painted tray. $25. I collect these. 

Nearly new Vera Bradley duffle bag in retired Chocolat pattern (2003 – 2005). One of my all time favorite patterns. $10.  

Vintage Redoute floral print for the planned gallery wall in the living room. $2.

One of the coolest finds. Evah. This is a vintage stainless steel dental cabinet from Tufts University. It is my new jewelry box!  $35. So heavy, so cool, so unusual! Completely legit! Amazing find!

Stay tuned for more thrifting updates!

Yours, Merryweather