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Today darling daughter and I held a yard sale with my brother, Dan, and his better half, Nancy at my parents’ house in Massachusetts! My parents are spending the weekend in Bar Harbor, Maine. Darling daughter and I are getting ready to head back to Maryland. But first, we unloaded some stuff! 

Darling daughter spent some time yesterday going through belongings in storage here in Massachusetts. She culled quite a bit.  Clothes, books, furniture, and whatnot. 

Dan and Nancy had stuff to sell and so did my parents. We gathered everything, set up on the front yard, and got down to business. Darling daughter handled all the sales for our stuff and Nancy did their transactions. 

We did quite well in the income department. We swapped some things with Dan and Nancy. Most importantly, we got rid of stuff we no longer needed. Darling daughter even ran some extra stuff to the Salvation Army to donate. 

Now we have to pack the cars! Long day!

Yours, Merryweather