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I traveled to Massachusetts yesterday. So today’s thrifting is hometown thrifting! My mom and I went to the Salvation Army in the next town this morning. We did great. Actually, I did great (ten items) to just one item for mom. But, as she will tell you, she doesn’t need much. 

I got three pairs of extra lovely sized denim jeans and one pair of denim capris for mom. 

These cost between $2.49 and $2.99 each. 

I found a pair of extra lovely sized khaki capris for $1.99. 

Then I found two blouses. A navy blue Old Navy blouse for $2.49 and a red Lane Byrant knit top for $2.99. Mom actually spotted the navy Old Navy. She knows what I like. The red top is perfect because tonight we are going to the Red Sox game at Fenway! I didn’t have anything team colored to wear – now I do!

I found a new old stock muslin sheet for $2.49. 

And a couple yards of vintage floral cotton fabric for $1.99.

Finally, a pair of Me Too shoes for $2.49 and a really unusual rubber recycled clutch for $4.99. 

Altogether with sales tax on the non-clothing items, I paid $30.48 for three pairs of pants, two pairs of capris, two blouses, a pair of shoes, a purse, a vintage bedsheet, and some beautiful floral fabric. I think mom and I did great today! 

Tonight the whole family is going to the Red Sox game. I haven’t seen darling daughter in over a month! I am excited to see her!

Yours, Merryweather