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It’s Friday night! Auction night!


I spent $14.58 tonight. $12.50 in merchandise, a 10% buyer’s premium of $1.25, and $0.83 in sales tax. I can’t even begin to tell you exactly what I bought for that amount because there is so much of it! 

It started with a set of Syracuse Old Ivory Sherwood pattern dishware. I collect Syracuse. This is the pattern:  I am unclear exactly how many place settings, guessing at least six, and lots of serving pieces although no teacups. Unfortunately, when it came up for bid there were already five or six sets of six to ten pieces of vintage stemware included in the lot. I usually don’t buy glassware. The whole lot was $5. What is a girl to do? 

 So this bid and win of mine happened early in the auction. I went to the storeroom and grabbed some boxes and packing material, i.e. newspaper. The bidding continued around me while I carefully wrapped up at least one hundred pieces of china and glassware. 

Hot, sweaty, and dirty with newsprint smudges was I. Not pretty. 

My next bid and win came several hours later. A huge stack of linen. Also $5. Here it is part of it at home:  

Also in the linen lot was this beautiful white apron and lace scarf as modeled by Grace Jr:

And a brand new 60 by 102 inch Quaker lace tablecloth in its original packaging. And this lovely light blue linen luncheon set for four:  

The linen lot is mostly tablecloths, placemats, napkins, and pillowcases. Ninety-two pieces in all. At $5, that is slightly more than $0.05 for each piece. Unbelievable deal. 

The person who collected the linen apparently liked Battenburg lace as there are about two dozen Battenburg placemats in the lot. Also there were two pristine embroidered pillowcases, with the original sales tags $21 each:

These are gorgeous. Gorgeous. 

My final bid and win came yet several hours later at the end of the auction, close to ten o’clock. A vintage footlocker much like the one darling daughter transformed with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The footlocker was $2.50. I am hoping darling daughter will do another footlocker for me like the original transformation. No picture of this purchase as the footlocker is in Greta the Jetta’s trunk until I can bring it to storage in the morning. 

Joan stopped by the auction tonight towards the end and helped me load my car. She is so sweet. Joan had left an absentee bid on a beautiful Mission rocker and ottoman. She won. The two of us had a great night in terms of our bids and wins. Can you even believe I got all this loot for less than $15? I am one lucky ducky! 

I looked on Etsy. Here is a similar set of the Syracuse Sherwood for sale:  

No kidding. I know a good deal when I see one. 

I heard from Tracia today that she unfortunately can’t make it for yard sales in the morning. So I am on the fence about whether I am headed out to hunt tomorrow. I will set the alarm and decide when it goes off. 

Thanks for admiring my auction haul! 

Yours, Merryweather