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Now you see them:

Now you don’t:

I am midway through the “Great Clipboard Transformation of 2015”. I bought these two beauties for $1 (for both) the other day at the thrift store. 

After an extended debate, during which I consulted darling daughter, with regards to whether the first step of the transformation should involve Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) in Graphite or Old White, I went with the Old White. Another option was one of each, but that would have involved two separate cans of paint and extra work. Oh. The drama. 

So this time, ASCP Old White won out. I am kicking around what the next step will be, but I believe it may involve paper of some type of paper and découpage medium. Sometimes I wish I just lived inside the local Michael’s store. It would make things so much more convenient, am I right?

I worked some more on my Etsy shop today. I am a perfectionist and trying not to be. One of my friends used to say “Better is the enemy of good enough”. I wish I could fully embrace that concept! It is my idea of how I want my Etsy shop to be that is standing in the way of my Etsy shop being at all! CAN’T. GET. OUT. OF. MY. OWN. WAY. 


Yours, Merryweather